Press Reaction to Graham Stewart’s books

Bang! A History of Britain in the 1980s

“Superb ... throughout this carefully researched history, Stewart conjures the urban decay and collapsed industries of early-80s Britain. Rarely has history seemed so close to us, yet so far.”
The Observer

“For those like me, for whom the Eighties were their formative years, Stewart's book is an illuminating reminder of a decade that crackled with creative energy and social tension. Those born afterwards have a fascinating introduction in store.”
Daily Express

“Stewart has written an accomplished, politically minded history of a decade in which Britain was painfully reborn.”
Daily Telegraph

“In a detailed record of political, social and cultural events he provides an entertaining and insightful summary of interesting times.”
The Times

“Terrific... brings the decade vividly to life and convincingly places it in perspective.  Stewart is a gifted writer.  Gripping ... Excellent.”
The Mail on Sunday

“sensationally good ...  Stewart is clever, stylish, learned and occasionally funny.”
The Scotsman

“Lively, incisive and valiantly thorough.... Stewart is particularly good on Thatcher’s strengths and weaknesses.”
The Spectator

“A definitive look back... He's covered almost everything: the politics, economics and the culture... Really dramatic.”
Management Today

“Stewart's analysis of a momentous decade is lively, shrewd and, in the relatively few years since then, achieves nice historical perspective.”
Saga Magazine

“Stewart has produced a very impressive account of a colourful and divisive decade.”
Irish Independent

“Margaret Thatcher bestrides a stirring tale which is superbly and fairly told by Graham Stewart.”
Yorkshire Evening Post

“One of the enormous strengths of Graham Stewart's history is that it doesn't depend on generalisations or knee-jerk reactions to Thatcherism... Stewart nails them - or it, if a decade can have a unified character - with extraordinary precision.”
The (Glasgow) Herald


Friendship and Betrayal

“An enthralling book - and one that points to a new way forward for political biography”
Jane Ridley, The Spectator

“Stewart’s engrossing book ... One of the many merits of his book is that he writes with tremendous zest and clarity. You might think it would be difficult to connect the Stuarts to the founding fathers, and American independence to Asquith's leadership. Stewart makes the leaps across time feel both effortless and logical; 200 years of history, on different continents, are brought to life with breathtaking assurance and elegance.”
Miranda Seymour, The Guardian

“an insightful investigation into what happens in politics when genuine friendship clashes with the drive to get to the top.”
Andrew Roberts, Sunday Telegraph

“there is much that is poignant in this book.”
Chris Bryant, The Independent

“The book that MPs have been reading this summer is Graham Stewart's Friendship and Betrayal, a historical look at political ambition and the limits of loyalty. The book highlights political friendships through the ages and makes clear that it was not only Stalin who shafted his friends.”
Alice Thomson, The Daily Telegraph


The History of The Times: The Murdoch Years

“Stewart tells this story with the verve of a soap opera … the book is not intended as a eulogy. Indeed it is one of the best evocations I have read of the pandemonium of a newspaper office when internal personalities and external events meet in tempestuous conflict. … Stewart is definitive.”
Simon Jenkins, Sunday Times

“No biographer of Rupert Murdoch, whether hatchet man or hagiographer, has told you more between the lines”
Peter Preston, The Observer

“The story is told by Stewart as part gangland thriller, part heroic romance … [it is an] engagingly written narrative”
Tim Gardam, TLS

“To say [Graham Stewart] is fair may sound tepid. Actually it is high praise.”
Jonathan Mirsky, Literary Review

“There are … scenes of pure magic”
Richard Stott, The Oldie

“this enjoyable book..... these episodes narrated as they are with impressive knowledge of their periods.”
JWM Thompson, Literary Review

“brilliantly researched.”
The Irish Examiner


Burying Caesar

“[Stewart] writes with tremendous brio and panache … We shall be lucky to see a better balanced or more exciting study of modern British politics this side of the millennium”
Anthony Howard, Sunday Times

“Vividly and expertly told … Graham Stewart tells this complex and gripping saga with great style in a first book of high class.”
Andrew Rawnsley, Observer

“Stewart writes exceptionally well, with confidence, authority and verve. This is a notable debut by a highly promising historian.”
John Campbell, Sunday Telegraph

“[Stewart] writes history that grips the reader with its pace and depiction of emotions”
Michael Portillo, Literary Review

“well told, admirably written and deeply researched.”
Robert Blake, New Statesman

“Graham Stewart writes with skill, ingenuity and drive.”
Robert Silver, Independent

“combining years of patient scholarship with imaginative insight and literary flair, Burying Caesar is a most impressive debut”
Paul Addison, TLS

“Mr Stewart has catapulted himself at one leap into the front rank of modern British historians.”
Martin Sieff, Washington Times

“This book would be an impressive accomplishment at any age. Coming as it does from the precocious hand of such a young man, it may well herald the birth of a star.”
Edwin M. Yoder, Washington Post